¿ Is it recommended a free website for positioning in google ?

Posted 4/18/2014



Making a free website, it is true that as of today there are many templates so it can be done, but the question is ¿why do we want a free website? To have it just because or perhaps to get more customers through this free website on the internet.

Well, in the latter case, the first factor to consider is that not all free websites that are offered are optimized for search engines, so in many cases these free web pages you may have give you a lot of personal satisfaction but they don't work in order to get positioning.

From Puntoclick all free websites that we do are optimized for search engines, so all the search engines can index them.

If you have a website and want to analyze it for free in order to know whether its positioning is optimized for google, or as is technically called "seo positioning" click the following link:




Or if you have an online store and are also interested in a free analysis in order to know if that is optimized for seo positioning, or google positioning.