Posted 4/24/2014

Para analizar gratuitamente su pagina web haga click en el siguiente enlace:

Para analizar gratuitamente su pagina web haga click en el siguiente enlace:

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¿ Is it recommended a free website for positioning in google ?

Posted 4/18/2014



Making a free website, it is true that as of today there are many templates so it can be done, but the question is ¿why do we want a free website? To have it just because or perhaps to get more customers through this free website on the internet.

Well, in the latter case, the first factor to consider is that not all free websites that are offered are optimized for search engines, so in many cases these free web pages you may have give you a lot of personal satisfaction but they don't work in order to get positioning.

From Puntoclick all free websites that we do are optimized for search engines, so all the search engines can index them.

If you have a website and want to analyze it for free in order to know whether its positioning is optimized for google, or as is technically called "seo positioning" click the following link:




Or if you have an online store and are also interested in a free analysis in order to know if that is optimized for seo positioning, or google positioning.


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Puntoclick now on Skype

Posted 4/18/2014



Because of all the suggestions we've had. You can also contact us by Skype to make us any questions either commercial or for technical support. 

Our SKYPE is this: dpto. Formación


The team will be happy to address all your concerns.


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The Law of Cookies fights against "Spam"

Posted 12/2/2013

A cookie is a file that is downloaded to your computer to access certain websites. Cookies allow a website, among other things, store and retrieve information about browsing habits of a user or his computer, depending on the information they contain and the way you use your computer, can be used to recognize the user.


Ex: You recently searched for a cheap flight in a company, and now on any page visit, they show you more flights by that company. The web has detected what your needs are and advertises on a potential client.


The second paragraph of Article 22 of the LSSI (Law of Services for Information Society) states that we can not have a web that incorporates cookies on the computers of visitors and admitted without having informed the user consent.

What is the problem??

That if you don't configure it soon, the fine amounts to 30,000 for accessing information of a person without their consent.

PuntoClick created a module, as professionally developed for the web and online shopping pages designed by comply, showing notice and obtaining consent for using cookies in your online store or website. This module complies strictly with LSSI. With the installation and use of this module will be impossible for a penalty occurs.

A safe bet to avoid the fine.

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Make adjusments - And get Rich !

Posted 9/25/2013

As the market becomes congested, the times of a "cookie cutter", a product or service that fits for everyone ran out.

Finding small ways to make adjustments to certain areas of your product, service or offer is a way ...

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How to Design an Effective Online Store

Posted 9/25/2013

Compras tiendas on lineWhen it comes to designing an effective online store or a Website …

¡ Words Sell !

A mesmerizing headline shows your greatest benefits, clear and explicit buttons or menus, informative product descriptions giving the ...

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Why E-Mailing is important for your business

Posted 7/7/2013

La importancia del mailing en la empresa

Facebook, Twitter, GooglePlus and other social media have become undoubtedly important channels for online marketing campaigns, but good use of the email still remains a great value for organizations and businesses of all sizes

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Points to consider for success on your Website

Posted 6/30/2013

As you know, success does not happen by itself. This is also true for an online store and Internet sales.

In order to be successful, there are several factors that must be carried out and perform well.

We have summarized the most obvious and important here.

You and your business are calling on all of them or you need to start or correct any? Ready?

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Make a Website for my business ¿YES or NO?

Posted 6/30/2013

si debe tener su web o no

¿Do I or I Don't? That's the question many of us ask when trying to start or join a business online.

Most of us have heard of the vast amounts of money generated through the internet but ...

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PUNTO CLICK lowers its prices to boost E-commerce in Latin America and Spain

Posted 6/27/2013

Punto click baja sus precios! PUNTO CLICK, has decided to end the year surprising all and sundry with the falling price of its products in more than 30%. The reason?? Betting on the Latin American and the Spanish market

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